Think Beyond Christmas and Try One of These Simple Homemade Snowman Crafts

Try one of these fun homemade snowman crafts that you won’t have to pack away when Christmas is over!

You know what’s great about homemade snowman crafts? You can enjoy them all winter long, from December to mid-March. At the end of December, I’ve noticed people start looking at you a little funny if you don’t put away your Christmas decorations. (True story: I once left my Christmas tree up until sometime in July. Granted, our tree was in our basement, but that’s really no excuse!)

But snowmen, snowwomen, and snowkids can be enjoyed until the last of the snow melts in the spring. (When Spring arrives, you’ll be ready to cast aside wintertime decorations, anyway!)

So here are some fun snowman crafts that the whole family can enjoy creating together!

Homemade Snowman Crafts

Easy Homemade Snowman Craft: Just like the title says, this is a very simple snowman craft that comes together quickly.

Primitive Homemade Snowman Crafts: Here are several snowman crafts with a vintage feel. Nearly all of these use items you’ll find around your home.

Jack Skellington Tabletop Snowman: Do you and your family enjoy the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? If so, you’ll love making this craft reminiscent of the Pumpkin King.

Pom Pom Snowman Craft: This is an inexpensive craft with lots of room for your own customized touches.

Snowman Thermometer: This one is my favorite! During the coldest months of the year, you won’t need any thermometer other than this clever design.

Try one of these charming homemade snowman crafts, and your crafty decorations can go beyond the Christmastime holiday!