These Easy Halloween Craft Ideas Make a Customizable Centerpiece

These black branches make a centerpiece using easy Halloween craft ideas

I’ve recently come across some easy and super cute Halloween craft ideas. Read on to see how these ideas can be customized to your Halloween decor for next to nothing. All you need is some spray paint and branches from the yard to make an amazing centerpiece.

Make your Halloween branches

Some people prefer scary Halloween craft ideas, while others stick with a more traditional approach. You can use this centerpiece idea for either. Once you complete the first few steps, the sky is the limit! I have seen these branches decorated with everything from dollar store blackbirds to very cute ghosts, and it never ceases to catch your attention.

I hope you use your creativity with these branches. Use this idea anywhere – from a centerpiece on the table, to a display on the mantle. It is easy and fun!


— Drop cloth or newspaper

— Branches gathered from outside – these can be fallen or cut, but the more crooked the better

— Black spray paint

— Vase or container tall enough to hold the branches

— Ghosts, birds, bats, spiders, pumpkins (or a combination of all of these) – whatever you decide will be the theme of your tree

— Ribbons or clips to attach items to branches


1. Lay your branches out on the drop cloths or newspaper.

2. Prepare the spray paint as printed on the bottle – usually requires you to shake for 2 minutes.

3. Begin spraying in long, sweeping strokes across the branches. Continue to turn the branches over until the entire branch is covered.

4. Allow branches to dry completely before putting them into your vase. Once dry, arrange them so that the display is evenly balanced.

5. Hang your ghosts, birds, or ornaments on the branches and your display is complete!

When your centerpiece is finished, you can add other things to complete the display. Candles, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins and gourds are great items to use around the table. A series of votive candles would also look great. (Be careful not to put the candles too close to the branches though – they are flammable.) For a scarier look, add spiders and cobwebs.

You can use these easy Halloween craft ideas year after year without breaking the bank. And the theme can change every time you do it. Use your creativity and enjoy your spooky (or friendly!) Halloween display.