Tired of Pulling Out the Same Old Christmas Decorations? Not This Year!

Make your own Christmas decorations to adorn your home

Don’t settle for cookie cutter Christmas decorations when you can make your own. Find your own craft pieces in the right color for your ensemble and create Christmas decorations to suit your style. I did just that. I saw a Christmas decoration similar to the one we are making today at a craft store. It was the wrong color and rather pricey. That was when I decided to use the idea to make my own.

In past years, I have stuck with the traditional red and green color scheme for all of my Christmas decorations. This year, I decided to make things interesting and throw in some purple decorations. Being that purple is not a popular Christmas color, I was hard pressed to find much to purchase. Here is what I made to start my purple Christmas decoration collection.

Noel ribbon platter

While purchasing your supplies, keep in mind that you might not be able to find the same things I used for mine. Use my supply list as a guide to help you find what you can to suit your tastes. Have fun!


— 1 Rectangular candle platter

— Thick, holiday wire ribbon

— Ornaments (bells, holly, or other holiday embellishment)

— Pre-made holiday word or wooden letters to make your word

— Paint (only if you are making your own word)

— Hot glue gun and glue sticks

— Scissors



1. Once your word is prepared, use the hot glue to adhere it to the center of the candle platter. Make sure it is secure before moving on.

2. Cut your ribbon in 6 inch strips. Loop each strip and glue the ends together to form a secure loop. Glue the seam of each loop to the candle platter, surrounding your holiday word. Glue each loop close together, so that your platter looks full and no platter can be seen through the loops.

3. Once your ribbons are as thick as you’d like them, glue 1 ornament (or other holiday embellishment) on either side of your word.

Your Christmas decoration is done! It was simple, fun to put together, and it looks professional. In fact, this is one of those Christmas crafts that you will enjoy sharing with your friends. They make nice, creative, custom gifts for the holidays. Make your friends’ and family’s Christmas decorating simple this year, give them this special gift crafted just for them!

Use your craft as a Christmas decoration for your table, mantle, or guest bathroom vanity. Enjoy this and many more custom Christmas decorations to come!