Try Matchboxes for Fun Homemade Advent Calendars

If you need an Advent calendar, why not make one? Matchboxes are great building blocks for fun homemade Advent calendars!

Recently I have found myself drawn to homemade Advent calendars. Sure, you can buy one, and you can find beautiful ones in nearly any store and online. But I think creating an Advent calendar for your own family makes it really personal and even more special.

I had no idea homemade Advent calendars were so popular. If you want to see what I mean, just type “DIY Advent calendar” into the search function at Pinterest and watch your page become deluged with pretty photos of homemade Advent calendars!

One idea I found popping up time and again is a calendar made of matchboxes. How clever! Just get 25 matchboxes, decorate, and fill with paper slips of activities, little treats, or and/or Bible verses.

But we crafty folks will undoubtedly want to go beyond this, so here are a whole bunch of links to a variety of matchbox Advent calendars; some are quick and easy, others are more elaborate. Choose whichever one tickles your fancy!

Homemade Matchbox Advent Calendars

Vintage Style Matchbox Advent Calendar: This couldn’t be easier. Decorate the matchboxes as you wish (this blogger designed her very own decorative printable, which she offers as a download for sale), hang on the wall with double-sided tape, and fill with treats!

All About You’s Matchbox Advent Calendar: This calendar can be used as a sweet table centerpiece. Here the boxes are stacked into a tree-shaped pyramid.

M Is for Matchbox Advent Calendar: This is a Martha Stewart design that turns the matchboxes into tiny drawers that slide open to reveal their prize. So cute!

Better Homes & Gardens’ Matchbox Advent Calendar: Here’s another tree-shaped calendar idea; this one is attached to a backing board, so it can easily be hung on a wall.

Go Green Blog’s DIY Matchbox Advent Calendar: This one uses a metal baking pan and magnets. Thrifty and functional!

Lara Watson’s Matchbox Advent Calendar: How easy is this? Just attach the decorated matchboxes to a length of ribbon, which can then be hung vertically or horizontally.

Play and Grow Matchbox Advent Calendar: Another minimalist approach attaches matchboxes to a posterboard or canvas. As you can see, “easy” can still be cute and charming!

Tracie Hudson’s Christmas Advent Calendar: If you want to make a calendar that is truly spectacular, this is the one for you. It uses the matchboxes to build into a design that looks a lot like a 4-sided jewelry box. Hers is absolutely stunning — a real work of art!

The best thing about all of these projects is that you can customize them exactly as you like. Any of these calendars can reflect your own family’s style depending on what kind of paper, paint, and embellishments you use. And isn’t that part of the joy of crafting?

I hope you’re inspired to make your family a homemade Advent calendar this year!