Use These Christmas Ornaments Crafts to Decorate Your Tree This Season

Ideas for Christmas ornaments crafts using papier-mâché ornaments from the craft store

If you’re a crafter like me, you’re ready to get started on some Christmas ornaments crafts. For this idea, I bought some papier-mâché ornaments from the craft store – all of the other materials I already owned. Let your imagination run wild with this one – I thought of several ways to decorate these great inexpensive ornaments.

Create a great addition to your tree

This idea would also be great to add to the top of a present, tied to a cellophane bag, gift bag, or given as a present itself. This project also allows you to choose the color palette that you prefer for your tree. If you love using pinks, rather than the traditional red, get out your favorite crafting supplies and make an afternoon of it.



— Papier-mâché ornaments (available at most large chain craft stores)

— Old book pages (this is what I used in the example), scrapbooking papers, wrapping papers, tissue paper

— Modge Podge

— Paint brush

— Scrapbooking stamps in any design you like

— Craft paint

— Glitter in any color


1. Start by tearing your paper choice into small pieces. Mine were no bigger than 2” by 2”. Begin by painting Modge Podge onto a piece of paper. Affix the paper onto the ornament, covering each piece on the ornament with Modge Podge (you need a layer under and over the piece of paper).

2. Continue until the ornament is covered. Depending on the shape of the ornament, you may need to fold over the corners as you go, using your finger to hold down the paper.

3. Allow the ornament to dry completely (about 1-2 hours).

4. After choosing the stamp you want to use, paint the stamp with the craft paint. Don’t over-apply the paint – it can distort the image if you add too much. You may want to practice on a paper towel first.

5. While the paint is still wet, shake the glitter onto the paint, covering it completely. Shake off the excess – do this over a sheet of paper so you can capture the unused glitter to use another time.

That’s all there is to it. Can you imagine the possibilities with this? You could spray paint a bunch of these and then Modge Podge pictures onto the ornaments and surround the image with glitter. Too cute! Personalize these for every member of your family too, with their initials or whole name. Enjoy making these Christmas ornaments crafts!