Use These Halloween Crafts For Kids to Decorate Your Chandelier

Use these Halloween craft for kids ideas to turn your chandelier into a spooky spider web

Use these Halloween crafts for kids to transform your chandelier into a spooky display piece. My kids are at the age where they want Halloween to be scary, but not too scary. So with simple Halloween decorations, transform your house without spending too much money.

Transform your Chandelier

Once you stock up on some simple Halloween décor items, use them in a multitude of ways to add flare to your house. In this example, by using some fake spider webs, plastic spiders and some flying bats, my dining room chandelier adds a spooky atmosphere to my dining room.

Also, use these ideas on bookshelves, china cabinets, or in your kitchen – anywhere you desire. Or add it to your list of Halloween party crafts to do with kids this year.


— Fake spider webs

— Plastic spiders, bats, mice

— Black ribbon or yarn

— Hole punch

— Different scary shapes to hang from the arms of the chandelier



1. Start with stretching out the fake spider webbing. It comes in a huge bunch and a little goes a long way. You only need a small strand for each arm of the chandelier. Wrap the webbing around each arm.

2. Cut out the shapes. In my example, I used precut foam bats – but have fun with this! Get the kids involved in cutting out mice, bats, or spiders. Add some glitter or pipe cleaners for the legs of the spider.

3. Hole-punch the shapes for hanging. Thread a ribbon or piece of yarn cut to the length desired. Then, tie them on to the chandelier.

4. Add the plastic spiders and bats to the webbing. Most small items easily get stuck in the webbing. For larger items, attach them using a thin piece of the webbing, or with fishing twine.

Once your chandelier is transformed, dim the lights or add candles under the chandelier (if you don’t have a dimmer). The hanging shapes cast shadows on the walls. Use these Halloween craft for kids for your Halloween party, for the trick or treat-ers, or just to enjoy yourself!