Use this Christmas Craft for Decorating a Holiday Tabletop

Simple Christmas craft idea using items from the drugstore

Here’s a simple but impressive Christmas craft idea you can use for a holiday tabletop. I know sometimes it is hard to have fresh flowers or arrangements in the house, but using different holiday candies allows for the visual impact without the maintenance. This is a great and festive idea for any table or shelf. All it takes is a trip to the drugstore or dollar store.

Festive Holiday Tabletop

I use this display almost every year, and it’s amazing how much impact candy can have! My friend even said she’s using it this year as well. All those candy canes the kids want, the gumdrops, the chocolates – it can all be put to use before you eat it. If you are in need of glass or different serving pieces, head over to the local thrift store and you can easily have this arrangement inexpensively.


— Glass containers or serving pieces (you can also use your everyday table wear or holiday dishes) in a variety of heights and sizes

— Vases, candleholders, cake plates or display pieces

— Assorted red, white or green candies, examples include starlight mints, candy canes, assorted chocolates, cinnamon balls, gumdrops, twizzlers, red hots, oversized candy cane sticks and lollipops, etc.

12-03-10 001.jpg


1. Arrange your dishes according to height so you can see all of them.

2. Fill containers with the candies but think outside of the box. For my arrangement, I used small vases for gumdrops and looped candy canes over a taller candleholder. You can use wide rimmed teacups for smaller candies, or even a large cake plate to pile up the candy canes.

3. You are finished when you run out of the candy you bought!

Christmas time brings all sorts of yummy treats that we sometimes see only for the season. Use those fun lollipops at the drugstore and all the great candy offerings to create something beautiful and edible. This Christmas craft idea is also great for arranging a dessert table at your next party or gathering.