Wanting Fun and Fresh Christmas Projects for the Whole Family? Look No Further

These Christmas projects are simple, yet stunning additions to any Christmas table

What could bring both the family and table decor together like fun Christmas projects? One of my favorite things about the holidays is the number of uses for cranberries. From floating cranberries in a floral arrangement to cranberries piled high around your votives, they make a fresh and colorful addition to the Christmas decor.

However, these cranberry decorations can’t compare to the homemade cranberry balls used to embellish your table decor.

Although a bit time consuming, these Christmas craft projects are absolutely worth the effort. This is a craft project that you can do with minimal attention. Turn on a festive movie, pour yourself a warm cup of cocoa, and spend an hour or so creating these fabulous balls. Let the kids place toothpicks in the cranberries while you arrange them in the ball. You’ll have so much help and so much fun with your kids, that you won’t notice how the time is flying!


— Bags of fresh cranberries (1.5 bags is enough for 1 ball, 5 inches in diameter)

— 1 box of toothpicks

— Styrofoam balls (of various sizes)

Note: the ball will be about 1.5 inches thicker with the cranberries added to it

— Black acrylic paint

— Paint brush



1. After you’ve gathered your supplies, pour the cranberries in a large bowl, grab a trash bowl (for the squishy, unusable cranberries), and make room for your craft.

2. Paint the Styrofoam ball with black paint. While the paint is drying, spend time snapping your toothpicks in half. 1 small box of toothpicks, halved, will be perfect for 2.5 bags of cranberries.

3. Stick your toothpick halves into the ball, about a half inch apart, and about half deep into the ball. For each toothpick half, stake a cranberry on the exposed end. Fit the cranberries as close together as possible. The black paint will prevent gaps in the cranberries from exposing the Styrofoam.

4. Cover the ball completely with cranberries and display on pillar candle stands or lie them flat on your dining table.

Make cranberry balls of various sizes to create a pleasing visual effect. Sit your cranberry balls on silver candle stands or resting on the top of cylindrical vases filled with water and a handful of floating cranberries. Use the remaining cranberries as embellishments for the table setting.

Enjoy these and many more simple Christmas projects involving fresh supplies. These Christmas projects will stay fresh for about a week if you refrigerate them when you don’t need them on display. Enjoy!