Here’s How to Wow Your Holiday Guests with Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Jingle bell snowflake Christmas crafts look professionally made without the price tag

Combine the sound of jingle bells and the season’s first snow into Christmas crafts that will hang beautifully from your tree, your staircase, or any place in your home that beckons a festive touch. These Christmas craft projects are great for adults looking to host craft parties with friends. A few supplies go a long way in this simple, fun, and impressive Christmas craft!

Jingle Bell Snowflakes

This Christmas craft is much like the saying, “no two snow flakes are alike.” Their beauty is in their diversity. Keep that in mind when creating your individualized jingle bell snowflakes. Make your snowflakes large to adorn your staircase or tiny to display as an ornament or embellishment on your Christmas packages. The important thing to remember while creating your Christmas crafts, is to have fun!


Supplies for your Jingle Bell Snowflake:

— 18 gauge craft wire (It is important to use craft wire instead of jewelry wire for this. The larger the snowflake, the thicker the wire you will need to support it.)

— 24 gauge jewelry wire (this is very fine and malleable)

— 1 package of 1 inch jingle bells

— 1 package of 1/2 inch jingle bells

— Hot glue gun and melting glue sticks

— wire cutters

Now let’s begin!

1. Start by measuring your craft wire (the thicker of the two wires) to the length you would like your snowflake’s diameter. Cut two segments of wire to this length. Your third segment should measure about an inch longer, in order to create a hook for hanging your snowflake.

2. Lay your 3 pieces of wire over each other on a flat surface to form spokes (see picture). Try to match up the centers of the shorter wire segments, while leaving your longer segment an inch longer on one side.

3. Cut a 2-inch piece of your jewelry wire and begin wrapping around the center of your spokes in order to secure them together. This creates a ball-like center to your spokes. Hot glue the center to secure all wires together.

4. Once the center is secure and dry, hot glue a 1-inch jingle bell over it with the slotted side up. Use this bell as a guide for placing your first row of bells on the spokes. Slide 1 large bell on each spoke. Follow your large bell with small bells until you reach an inch and a half (1.5 inches) from the edge of your spokes.

5. At this point, cut a 2 inch segment of the thin, jewelry wire and string 2 large bells onto it, securing them as close together as possible (tied properly, they will push away from each other). Twist tightly a few times and snip off the end of any excess wire with your wire cutters. To secure your knot and prevent snagging on the wire, place a drop of hot glue over the knot. Repeat for each spoke.

6. Slide the small circle that forms between your bells’ knots onto the spoke behind your line of small bells. Slide on small bells until you reach within a half inch of the end. Bend the craft wire to the back of the snowflake to prevent your bells from sliding off.

7. Once all of your spokes are complete, place the snowflake face down and prepare your glue gun. Straighten your bells, facing them all to the front of the snowflake. When in place, hot glue a circle around the back of each bell where it slides onto the wire. Let dry and repeat for any loose bell. To finish with your glue gun, place a small dollop of glue over each end of the spoke that you previously bent backward.

8. Last, but not least — the spoke with the longest length should have formed a small hook when you bent it backward and secured it with hot glue. String ribbon through this hook and hang wherever you desire to display your impressive work.

Use these Christmas crafts to make your home more festive and distinct throughout the holiday season!