Wrapping Made Easy With Craft Rubber Stamps

How to make your own wrapping paper and gift sacks using craft rubber stamps

Craft rubber stamps can be used for many things. From decorating your cabinets or outlining your doorways to transforming a chunk of wood into an awesome welcome sign, craft rubber stamps are wonderful.

Krafty Kris says craft rubber stamps help to save money for the holidays…

A gift just doesn’t seem to be a gift unless it is wrapped up in Christmassy paper that sparks some holiday cheer. Christmas craft rubber stamps do the trick!

If you’ve got some craft rubber stamps, paper grocery bags or lunch sacks, or some postal wrapping paper and a little bit of paint, you can make your own custom wrapping for your Christmas gifts rather than spending a fortune on paper that’s going to be ripped of and tossed in the trash.

Plain ole’ paper bags can be decorated using craft rubber stamps and paint and they are absolutely adorable. Better yet, they cost a fraction of what you would spend if you bought gift bags.

To make really cute gift bags decorate them using paint and craft rubber stamps. Then, punch holes across the top, through both sides of the bag, at equal intervals. Thread some scrap ribbon, string or even strings of beads through the holes and tie them into a bow.

Make your own wrapping paper using postal paper or wide sheets of freezer paper, craft rubber stamps and paint.

Did you know? When buying gifts people usually take into consideration the amount of money they will spend on wrapping or packaging the gift when setting their gift budget.

To make your own gift tags using craft rubber stamps, paint and glitter, save thin sheets of white cardboard throughout the year. You know, like the ones that come in a package of pantyhose. You can even use boxes, like teabags come in, that have a solid white surface on one side or the covers of spiral notebooks you won’t be needing any longer.

Saving money while making really cute stuff is the advantage of using craft rubber stamps.