Your Front Door Will Be Unique with a Handmade Christmas Wreath

Why settle for store-bought when you can have a one-of-a-kind handmade Christmas wreath?

Sure, you could go buy a Christmas wreath if you need a new one or to replace an old one, but wouldn’t it be fun to make your own handmade Christmas wreath? Making your own wreath has many advantages.

One great reason to make your own wreath is economy. Even at less expensive big-box stores, Christmas wreaths can get a little pricey, especially if you want to adorn more than one door. Many handmade wreath designs can be made for well under $20, especially if you already happen to have some materials on hand.

Another reason is aesthetics. You can make a wreath look exactly the way you want, with the colors you enjoy the most, and the additional little details you most appreciate. And quite often, the result will be much prettier than anything you might find in a store!

One final reason is uniqueness. Even when following a project design, your wreath won’t look anything like anyone else’s. And isn’t that at least half the fun of crafting? I think so!

So here are some outstanding handmade wreath projects. All are unusual, some are quite clever and funky, some are exquisitely beautiful, and all are simple and inexpensive!

Handmade Christmas Wreath Projects

Yarn Wreath with Berries: As a yarn aficionado, I absolutely love this project. As someone who loves Christmas, I appreciate the classic, clean lines and almost vintage-appearance of this pretty wreath!

Pom-Pom Wreath: Here’s another yarn-based project with vintage appeal. I also love the fact that you can make this to fit your own unique style just by using different colors of yarn.

Fabric Wreath: This project uses simple fabric “flowers” to create a very pretty wreath. Be sure to scroll down to see all the variations she created from one theme. This can be as unique as your own style!

Cozy Winter Felt Wreath: I love the wreath this blogger created with its shades of white and cream, but of course you can use any color of felt you wish to make this very easy wreath. You can also adorn it however you want – maybe you’d like to attach bows, holly, or different kinds of bells!

“Crystal” Wreath Tutorial: To me, this wreath is amazing. It really does look like crystal, or ice… and it’s made of plastic sandwich bags! How’s that for clever and thrifty?

Season’s Greetings Wreath: Perhaps you’d like to make a more conventional-looking wreath that is still stunningly beautiful. This is the wreath for you! Again, still not difficult or costly to make, but the result is gorgeous.

One of these handmade Christmas wreath projects is bound to be something you and your family will love; why not plan to start one soon, before the rush of the holidays sets in!